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What cused the crash of Flight Bangla Star 211 at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA)?

According to the news from Nepal, on Monday 49 people died when a US-Bangla Airlines plane carrying 71 passengers and crew crashed on  landing at TIA after its initial touchdown. 

However according to The Daily Star news the dead people rose to 51 till this morning. The exact cause of the crash still not known. The authorities for both sides have started investigation procedures. The initial reports video and audio recordings indicate the 78-seater US-Bangla Airlines Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 aircraft had sustained a technical issue.

What caused the plane then to crash in such catastrophic ?

“It’s common during the beginning of the year that strong winds and turbulence try to hit the plane,” said Tri Ratna Manandhar, former director general of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, who has enough experience as an air traffic controller for many years. In March, an international aircraft tried twice to land at the TIA, but failed due to the crosswind and another important thing we can not ignore is that Nepal has more mountenous area which is prone to accidents than flat area.

The case of Flight 211 seems different as per the audio conversation. “The weather, especially the wind is normal. The captain is cool and calm while communicating with the ATCs.”

“It’s a mystery why the aircraft made a sharp right turn from north-west to east over the ATC tower,” he said. “It’s abnormal.” Obviously, it is difficult to land at the TIA given its vast terrain, but pilots who fly in Kathmandu are “specially trained”.

They have to do separate simulator training for Kathmandu’s airport landing. The US-Bangla Airlines Captain Abid Sultan, a former pilot of the Bangladesh Air Force, had landed more than 100 times at Kathmandu. Sultan had more than 5,000 hours of flying experience.