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Description The purpose of Part 66 is to prescribe rules applicable to individuals or maintenance engineers who wish to conduct aircraft maintenance or airworthiness inspections and exercise certifying privileges within the civil aviation system. Specifically the rules provide for the following:

Aircraft maintenance engineer licence: The entry level qualification for the performance of maintenance on aircraft.

Aircraft maintenance engineer type or group ratings: The individual qualifications that specify the expertise of the holder of the aircraft maintenance engineer licence and provide certification privileges on certain aircraft types.

Aircraft maintenance specialist certificates: A certificate that provides specific privileges and responsibilities on senior licence holders to perform specialist maintenance activities.

Certificate of inspection authorisation: A certificate that provides additional privileges and responsibilities on senior licence holders that included certification of Annual Reviews of Airworthiness and conformity of major modifications and repairs.

To perform inspections, repair, testing and/or maintenance work on a Singapore-registered aircraft, you would need to possess an Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) issued by CAA. You will also need to be authorised by a CAA-approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) to perform such work. The scope of work allowed to be performed by you will depend on your AML category, and the aircraft type-ratings and endorsements associated with your licence.

To obtain your AML from CAA you will have to:

  1. accumulate sufficient practical maintenance experience
  2. pass the CAA Aircraft Maintenance Examination