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               AIRBUS 350

The incident was reported in electronic media in 2015 of an incident involving a Pilot of Mihin Lanka snoozing in flight deck. Pilot in Command (PIC) of the flight MJ 408 from Sharjah (SHJ) to Colombo (CMB) on 01st May 2015, was found snoozing en-route to Colombo, & had not opened the door for the First Officer of the flight to get into the flight deck. Inquiry in to the alleged incident was initiated to find out the breach of safety and the violation of safety regulations by DGCA The first sector of flight was uneventful. After approximately 2 hours of ground time in SHJ, the flight MJ 408, departed from SHJ to its destination, CMB, Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), Colombo, Sri Lanka at 2010 hrs UTC (0010 hrs Local time on 1st May 2015). It had been reported in Electronic Media, that flight MJ 408 on 1st May 2015 en-route to CMB from SHJ, that there had been an incident involving the PIC, not opening the door for the First Officer of the flight to get into the flight deck as he had fallen asleep. First officer had gone out of the Flight Deck (FD) to the wash room & tried to enter back to the FD, had failed to enter due to PIC not responding to the door call bell. Finally First Officer had used the emergency code to enter the cockpit. Page 4 of 16 3. Factual Information 3.1 History of Flight Mihin Lanka Airlines aircraft, Airbus A321 with the registration 4R-MRC.