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Mr. Nizam, a Bangladeshi passenger was a heart attack. He got really scared as he had to use the emergency slides to disembark. After coming down he suffered a heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. While the ambulance was speeding to the hospital it collided with a truck and the Bangladesh passenger died of serious injuries caused by the accident.The chain has broken and Mr. Nizam will not be compensated by the airline as he was already a heart attack patient before taking flight.

The use of emergency slides is normal during emergency case since there was no any other alternative.The chain of events which led to body injury or death is not an accident as per the article 17 paragraph 1 Montreal convention, according to the Montreal and Warsaw Conventions indicate that in order to be an article 17 accident, there must be a clear causal connection between the injury and the operation of the aircraft.

For the passenger to collide with a truck, that was a third party accident which cannot be compensated as per the convention.

The chain of events which caused bodily injury or death is not an accident. The passenger died because of the truck collision, maybe he would have been recovered in case he had rushed to the hospital safely without any other incident.