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A serious crash of an aged Boeing commercial aircraft has left 110 people killed in catastrophic accident near Havana airport. Only three survivors are reported. It has been remarked as the strangest disaster in 30 years and this follows Malasian. At the initial start of the accident death rate from state-run airline Cubana's stricken Flight 972 was 103. B transportation minister confirmed that number had now risen.

It came as investigators said they had retrieved the black box cockpit voice recorder, which may offer clues to the as yet unanswered questions about why the Boeing 737 crashed.

Skies were overcast and rainy at the airport at the time of the accident and state television said the 39-year-old jet veered sharply to the right after departing on a domestic flight to the eastern city of Holguin. Eyewitness Martinez said she heard a strange noise and looked up to see the plane with an engine on fire.

In flames, here it comes falling toward the ground and it seems (the pilot) saw it was an area that was too residential and makes a sharp turn said by Martinez said and to avoid a tragedy because there would have been a massacre.

Among the dead are 20 clergy members of an evangelical church and the Mexican pilots and cabin crew. Commenting on the three female survivors, Carlos Alberto Martinez, director of Havana’s Calixto Garcia Hospital, said that We must be conscious that they present severe injuries. They are in a critical state.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said a special commission had been formed to find the cause of the crash. The plane had 113 people on board, including six crew members. State airline Cubana, which operated the flight, has had a good safety record but is notorious for delays and cancellations, and has taken many of its planes out of service because of maintenance problems in recent months, prompting it to hire charter aircraft from other companies.

Officials of Mexique said that the Boeing 737-201 was constructed in 1979 and leased by Cubana from Aerolineas Damojh, a leasing company that works in relationship to the by Global Air. Aviation authorities in Guyana last year stopped running the same aircraft from conducting those flights because of serious safety problem which were concerned and including the fears about  the baggage overwe ight to cause overloading and other related issues.