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Air transport the way to connecting the world!

Father of Aviation

On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers made their historic first flight in North Carolina, this was the starting of air travel. Their contributions to the development of aeronautics continued for at least ten years after that special day. What makes difference for the Wright brothers from other aviation pioneers was that they developed a way to control the stability of their aircraft. Today is more than 100 years of flight due to these two genius guys in history of flight.

The first flight was not a very long one. It took only 120 feet long, 10 feet high, and only 12 seconds in flight, but it was called a flight!!! Orville piloted the plane, as Wilbur ran alongside. There were only five eyewitnesses to the flight and there is only one photo that we see everyone for clearly telling the story.

The Wright brothers did not make their invention to be known by the public at the beginning since their feared people may steal their ideas. For the next many years, the Wright brothers worked to modify their invention in secret, resulting in more confusion in American and the remaining world watching them. However, in 1908, the Wright brothers took their invention to Le Mans, France to put on an exhibition and this was a first show on aircraft. Wilbur flew his aircraft making turning around and maneuvering, which amazed people gathered there. Soon, the Wright Brothers were famous to everyone. They forever changed the way people travel and brought the world even more closely.

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